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We’re back! After a long hiatus (involving real-life gainful employment) Red Ampersand has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

Strangely appropriate, perhaps, that the word phoenix reaches us, via Old French and Latin, from the ancient Greek word relating to the purple-red dye of Phoenicia, in turn from the word for ‘blood-red’, phoinos. Celebrated here with Professor Dumbledore’s pet phoenix, Fawkes.*

Do get in touch to discuss any work you’d like us to take on. We’ll be here preening our feathers.


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Services, Prices and Practicalities.

In News on October 30, 2012 at 12:15 pm
Red Ampersand specialises in academic and literary proofreading, copy-editing and copywriting. A small, friendly service, RA is run by a me, a writer with a strong publication history and eight years’ editorial experience in books and magazine publishing. I hold a Masters with Distinction in English Literary Studies, in addition to a teaching qualification from the British Language Centre. Red Ampersand runs a thorough proofreading service or in-depth copy-editing advice for academic essays, theses and dissertations in all degree-level and postgraduate subjects. We also offer a specialist editorial critiquing service for literary material, including poetry, short fiction, novels, memoirs, and personal and professional blogs. My pricing is always transparent, and operates on three levels:
  • Proofreading: Correcting for spelling and grammar. £8 per 1000 words.
  • Copy-editing: More in-depth stylistic suggestions to do with syntax, fluency and structure. £11 per 1000 words.
  • Literary critique: Drawing on years of editorial and literary experience to offer constructive suggestions, criticisms and revisions to your poetry, short and long fiction, and creative non-fiction. I am happy to discuss a rate to work on a your full manuscript. Negotiable price – drop me a line and we’ll have a chat about your work.

I use Microsoft’s Track Changes feature to enable you to accept or reject my corrections, meaning you get a ready document back from me. I take payment through PayPal upon agreement of the work to be undertaken, but will not process your payment until you have received the completed document. Testimonials and reviews available through Find A, where my listing is still somewhat a work in progress, as is this site!

“I don’t think I could have asked for a more thorough proofreader. Reasonably priced, efficient and extremely helpful. Highly recommended.”

— Ben, Music Critic.

“Very professional and thorough proofreader, helpful and patient with me despite needing extra support with dyslexia. Helped with both normal essays and my dissertation. I would recommend her to everyone!”

— Rachael, BA Criminology Student

“Red Ampersand delivers in spades. If you care about your material, you can do no better than putting it in her very capable hands. She has a keen ear for language that sings and sparkles and is right on the money. She knows her job and is dedicated to making your words shine.”

— Ryder, Writer

*Please be aware that when looking at academic essays, theses and dissertations I can offer only the Proofreading service, rather than copy-editing or critique, in line with academic code of conduct regulations regarding plagiarism and collusion. Any service offering to rewrite or copy-edit your academic work should be treated with caution, and could get you into serious trouble with your school or university.